Hailing from the Chilean capital of Santiago and signed to London-based Kobalt, Adolfo Sistek is, after just two years in the game, an artist of international notoriety.

In 2015, he began releasing tropical house-infused remixes for underground pop stars, amassing millions of plays across all streaming platforms and catching the attention of EDM tastemakers including MrSuicideSheep and MrRevillz. With two years of wildly popular remixes under his belt, the young talent now turns to his own productions, demonstrating his versatility and innate grasp of the genre

Interview: Sistek bares some soul and releases new punch-drunk love themed song

Original Post by Chelsea Dreaming | January 12, 2018

Look no further to satiate your next melodic deep house craving. There is a special feeling when you listen to Sistek, whether it emanates from creative and moving lyrics or from carefully constructed chords, to the uplifting energy found in each song. Like a bolt of lightning, Sistek releases his third original today, ‘Storms’ featuring RollUpHills, and we are love-struck!

Soft and sweet guitar chords mimic sweet nothings. Along with an electric atmosphere that comes with finding new love. With each new release, Sistek builds momentum and has us asking ‘what’s next’? He has been producing since only 2015 and at only 22, Sistek already has a tracklist of gold with more on the way. We caught up with the South American to find out.

Tell me a little about your hometown. Have you always lived in Santiago, Chile?

Yeah, I’ve lived all my life in Santiago and I’m currently studying here too. It’s a really big city so it’s easy to get lost looking for things to do. The climate is pretty similar to some parts of California.

What’s the best part about living there?

The best part I think is that all my friends and family are there so it’s easy to spend loads of time together. Also, Chile is a very narrow country so living in Santiago means I’m 40 minutes away from any ski centre and 1 hour from the beach, which makes my spontaneous trips out of the city easier. It’s the sweet spot in terms of weather. Up north it’s really hot and a couple of hours south you cant get a break from the rain.

You love to travel and judging from your Instagram, have been to many places in the past year alone. Which destination has the most unique music scene?

Yeah I love to travel! I’ve had the chance to meet so many musicians from around the globe, including some of my favorite artists. I’m not sure it’s my favorite ’cause its really hard to decide, but I think London has a very unique music scene. Some of my favorite bands have developed their sound in London, and I know many upcoming ones originating there.

So far have you played any live sets?

I’ve actually never played any proper live sets besides some house parties with close friends. I’m focusing 100% on production now as I’m having so much fun doing it. But don’t get me wrong, I would love to play my music live! And who knows? that may happen pretty soon…

We are very excited about your newest release, Storms, out today. What does this song mean to you?

I’m super exited for this one. Storms is one of those songs that you make in less than a day, but it takes you months and months to release. Originally started out as ‘The Things I Hate’. When you are falling for someone, sometimes you begin to hate them in a way because you cant get them out of your mind. Tudor helped me to develop that idea and when finished we decided to bring in Matt (RollUpHills) to create what is now ‘Storms’. I’m so happy with the result and really eager to see what people think of it.

During the creative process, how do you seek out inspiration for your sound?

My best ideas always come from outside of the studio. As cheesy as it may sound, I just try to go outside and live. When I finally sit down and try to write a new song I don’t need to invent anything, I just try to turn what I’m feeling or thinking into music.

This is your third original release following many brilliant remixes, is there an EP in our future?

Yes! The EP is coming for sure around March, so stay tuned and keep you eyes peeled for any announcements 😉

I’m digging your Spotify playlist “Chillin’ in Chile”, which song would you say is your favorite?

Thank you! I’m loving the response it’s getting so far. I had to think for a while to answer this because i have plenty… but my favorite has to be ‘Mesmerized’ by XY&O. They have been my favorite band for a while now and this song is their best so far. It’s really chilled and easy to sing along to it and that’s what I’m looking for with this playlist.

It’s the New Year, so I have to ask, did you make any New Year resolutions?

I’m very impatient so I never really wait until New Years to start with resolutions, haha! My main resolution I think is working even harder and taking every chance I could possibly get. I know that this year will be full of surprises and new music, so I will be working my ass off to make this my best year so far.

What’s the oddest resolution you’ve ever come up with?

A couple of years ago I think I set myself to get to division 1 playing FIFA online. I got really stressed and frustrated about it sometimes. Now that I think back, it sounds like a really small, but odd resolution, haha!

In 2018, what message do you want to give your current and future listeners?

Well first of all, I wanted to thank everyone that has listened to my music. It’s so crazy the amount of support I’ve received from fans all around the world this year. All I will say for now is: “Get ready, I’m just getting started.” Thank you guys at Soave Records for having me!

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