Interview: Rhett bares some soul and releases new song “So Dead” 

This good looking man is a true artist and gem in Los Angeles. He is model, actor, singer, producer and writer–an artist with true talents. Look no further to satiate your next melodic rock craving. He just dropped his latest release with his band, The Blame, called “So Dead.” Don’t forget to check out the song and support this amazing artist.

Tell us a little about yourself. 

Ever since I was a kid, I was always creating. I never felt at ease if I wasn’t working on something that would mentally stimulate me to, umm.. you know, to create and be artistic.

Tell us a little about your new band, The Blame.

About a year ago, me and one of my best friends started a band called “The Blame.” Our single “So Dead” is available now on Spotify and we’re going to be dropping the rest of our EP with the music video.

What do you think of Motiv Co.?

We will definitely be rocking Motiv Co. in future videos. It perfectly compliments our style and personal fashion sense.

Would you recommend Motiv Co. to artists?

I would definitely recommend Motiv Co. to other artists. Motiv Co. has super simple style. It’s super artistic. And I feel like a lot of other artists would be able to relate to it.


I’m Rhett Wellington, and I’m an artist.

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Fashion Model: Rhett Wellington / @rhettwellington
Videographer: Albert Halim / @alberthaleem
Video Edit: Lionce Prince / Motiv Co.

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