MALE.V is a graphic artist active in Seoul, Korea. His current works are based on Korean poetry and language. Language is a crucial social tool for human race, yet it can also be a barrier, limiting the delivery of pure emotion. By reinterpreting the poetry with geometrical designs using bold brush strokes, Male.V aims to emphasize emotional value beyond just the meaning of letters. The poem ‘A Night of Counting Stars’ is written by Yoon Dong-Ju, who was an activist, wishing the independence of his country during the Korean War.

‘The Night Counting Stars’ 별헤는 밤

One star for memories, and
One star for loving
One star for melancholy, and
Another for longing
One star for poetry…

별 하나에 추억과
별 하나에 사랑과
별 하나에 쓸쓸함과
별 하나에 동경과
별 하나에 시와…

– 별헤는 밤 /시 윤동주 –

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