Founded in the heart of Los Angeles, Motiv Co. is proud to be a company that specializes in women’s streetwear that is effortlessly chic and one-of-a-kind. Through most of our one-sized products that overall give an oversized fit, we try to feminize the masculinity of common streetwear, urbanwear, or dancewear by making it sexy and what you call, women-crush. Our products are mostly inspired from R&B, hip hop, pop artists’ street fashion trends since the 90’s and even til today — style and fashion that can be seen from paparazzi cuts in the streets of Hollywood.


Behind the scenes, we are a company known for supporting and sponsoring aspiring talents in a variety of artistic fields. Motiv comes to you as a movement, to create the growth of our local talent community. Our team of creative directors aims to build an oasis for aspiring talents to blossom, find inspiration, and provide exposure & voice.

We are a community where various talents collaborate on projects to build their portfolio and network. And through Motiv Company, we are able to help aspiring talents have a voice. Our exclusive streetwear are modeled by actors, models, musicians, photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, any creative talents, really. We work together not only to grind and hustle, but also to enjoy what we do, and be the expressions that we are. We believe that if you put love into your work, you will receive the love back. As creators ourselves, Motiv Co. genuinely offers to be a stepping stone for a rising star.

Here at Motiv Co. we strive to fulfill the void. Every detail matters.” #MotivMovement